Finding a Florist


Don’t put it off!

Florists get booked up early so don’t delay. If you are having a large wedding with lots of flowers you really should book as far ahead as possible. If you would like to book me, I only commit to one wedding per day so I can focus my energy and time on that couple. So once you have booked a date, picked your dream venue and dress, start arranging those consultations.


Who to choose?

Recommendations are a fantastic way to find your florist, ask friends and family who they used or even your venue if they have preferred suppliers. Most of my work is through recommendations and referrals. It really is so lovely to be booked by the sister or brother or even daughter of one of my past brides. Make a note of whose work you like. Then check out their work through websites and social media pages. Book a couple of consultations and ask questions! A good florist, like me, will know the answers.


Go with your gut!

Your flowers are such a special part of your day and you need to be comfortable with your florist. You want your florist to have a clear understanding of the look you want to create so a good relationship is all-important. I have even become friends with some of my brides! If you’re worried a florist might not be for you, you are probably right.

Come prepared.

Arrive at your consultation with ideas and pictures. I do not expect you to know flower names or their availability but a couple of pictures will help me understand the look you like, even an image without flowers can give an idea of the mood and style you want. You don’t have to come with a beautifully presented mood board! A couple of pages torn out of a magazine, a little bit of fabric, a picture of your dress are all you’ll need.


Money, money, money!

Budget is so important and it is vital to agree on this before you start designing a look. If you like a display with a certain flower that is out of season and it will cost an arm and a leg to be shipped from abroad, that is probably not the best use of your money. I have lost count of the number of times I have offered alternatives to achieve the same look. That being said if your heart is set on expensive flower, such as peonies, consider having a few stems in your bouquet. I always tell my brides never ever compromise on your bouquet! It will be in all the wedding pictures and you need to love it!

Trust your florist.

I am the one in the know. So if you have any flower related questions ask! How to carry your bouquet? What bouquet suits this dress? Will the flowers you want compliment your hair and complexion? Will they suit your chosen theme and work in your venue? Always make the most of our expertise!

Sit back and relax

Once you have booked your florist (preferably me ☺) trust them to do their job and RELAX. Make sure you stay in contact with them and keep them updated of any changes. I always arrange a final meeting or at least an e-mail or phone call a couple of weeks before the wedding just to go over final details, delivery times etc. Then I follow this is up with a quick call the day before just to triple check buttonhole numbers haven’t changed and to let the bride know all is in control and they can relax and enjoy this special time.


Enjoy your day

The day has come and your flowers have arrived, now what? Listen to your florist.

I give my brides a quick lesson on how to hold their bouquet. It’s hard to believe but most bouquets have a front and back. There is a way to hold a bouquet and most importantly you need to feel comfortable today! I give my bouquets a shake, they are not going to fall apart. Also I always ensure the flowers are placed in water to be removed 10 minutes before leaving. Give the stems a dry so they don’t drip on the dresses.

Then off you go, looking fabulous with gorgeous flowers and ENJOY!!