The reinvention of gypsophilia


Just like fashion, flowers and floristry are constantly under the influence of trends – in styles, varieties and colours. 

In the early days of Petal Power gypsophilia (babies breath) was a little-known bridal flower. I remember the first time I was asked to create an entire wedding of gypsophilia. I was so excited to create the wedding flowers, all little balls of delicate flowers. They were perfect for their vintage themed wedding with jam jars, wooden log slices, twine and hessian.

And then, seemingly overnight it fell from grace.


Unfortunately like most trends, something done time and time again can become antiquated and go out of favour.

In fact I have heard some florists say that they want to ban the use of gypsophilia from weddings altogether.

However, I am really excited by the way I am seeing gyp being used by florists at the moment. If we can just move away from the jam jars and bunting it is associated with and allow it to be reinvented.


What better way to make something fashionable again than by combining it with something ‘on trend’.  The delicacy of the little gypsophilia buds sits beautifully with the loose greenery styles that are so popular at the moment. Floral trends have moved towards much less structured, looser, wilder arrangements. Tight balls or arrangements of anything don’t work with this look.

Love it or hate it, I still think gyp, as well as jam jars, log slices and bunting all have their place.

Looking back at these images I still think they look really pretty and I know my couples were really happy with their flower designs. After all there was a reason they became popular to begin with. I just think that with a little thought they could be used differently. After all, why would you want your wedding day to look the same as everyone else’s.

Image taken from  McQueens Flower School

Image taken from McQueens Flower School

Why not tell your florist that you want gyp as your main wedding flower but give them creative license to use it in a way that changes things up. You never know, you might be blown away. You might marry underneath a magnificent gypsophilia cloud like this amazing creation above.

PLEASE someone, ask me to create a cloud. I beg of you!

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