Pinterest: Love or Hate?

Happy New Year lovely people.

This time of year is the busiest time for wedding enquiries. Christmas and New Year feel like a distant memory and couples feel that urge to get down to the serious business of wedding planning.


Consultations are booked and couples come armed with their wedding inspiration pictures, ultimately pinned from Pinterest. I LOVE the beautiful inspiration pictures and when my clients share their boards and images with me, it really helps me understand the look they want for their wedding. However, and this is a big however, I cannot and will not duplicate another florist’s work.


Look at your inspiration photos to get a clear understanding of the look and colours you want.


Recreate the exact flowers of an inspiration photo.


 There are a few reasons for this. 

1) Flowers shift in availability– a lot. A perfect example is the very popular wedding flower, the Peony. They are only in season for a couple of months of the year in late Spring. Show me a bouquet filled with Peonies for a winter wedding and I am afraid it is just not going to happen (unless you want to pay mega bucks for a substandard flower). As a florist I love the passing of the seasons, each season brings with it a variety of wonderful flowers and I want my creations to reflect the season you are getting married in.

2) Nature is not a certainty and each flower can not be a carbon copy of the next. I might be able to purchase a garden rose in a perfect shade of soft pink at my supplier one week and then it’s not available the next; or perhaps that shade of soft pink you love that I purchased last week is more of a dusky pink today. Trust your florist to offer an alternative variety of flowers in the correct shade of colour.

3 I find that some of the images on Pinterest are from photo shoots and whilst they are completely gorgeous to look at, they are not practical to have as bridal flowers. By that I mean they are not hardy enough to last out of water, wouldn’t last in certain weather conditions or would be impractical to hold in a bouquet all day. After all, I hope my brides love their flowers enough that they never want to put them down. A good florist will be able to direct you to alternative flowers whilst being sympathetic to the overall look you love.

4) Lastly and perhaps most importantly; we florists are artists at heart: we don’t want to plagiarize each other. No two florists will design a bouquet exactly the same, and while we look to each other for inspiration, most floral designers will not want to cross the line of copying or duplicating a photo of another florist’s work.

IMG- (56)_preview (1).jpeg

In conclusion, using Pinterest as an inspiration is a great way to communicate with your florist about the flowers, styles and colour palettes you love. Then it’s our job to create your dream bouquet: something entirely original, customized and personalized for YOU.

Anne-Marie Merlini