Money saving ideas


Every couple has a budget for their wedding and I have a few nifty ideas I would like to share which might help you acheive your dream flowers without breaking the bank.

1.       Prioritise.

As a florist, it goes without saying that flowers and décor were EXTREMELY important on my wedding day. But for some the most amazing food and drink is their priority. Obviously if flowers aren’t your thing spend less. I rent out pretty candelabras, birdcages, fishbowls etc that can make pretty centrepieces without the cost of flowers.

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2.       Prioritise.

Spend your money wisely. Focus on using displays where people will see them, enjoy them and where the photos are being taken. If you are getting married in a church do you really need to blow your budget on ceremony flowers? Yes it would be nice to walk through a floral arch as you enter the church but you will see it only for a few seconds. If you are on a tight budget a beautiful floral wreath or heart at the door would be gorgeous, also it can be easily transported to the reception.  That leads me nicely to number 3.


3.       Recycle, recycle.

The best way to save money is to re-use your displays. Pew ends at the church can be re-used as chair backs for the reception. Pedestals can be re-used as extravagant entrance arrangements for the reception. Even bridesmaids bouquets can be popped in a vase as a table centre; and no one will even notice.



4.       Simplicity is the key.

I always tell my brides that my time costs money. If I have to spend hours creating some elaborate display then the costs will soar. So keep things simple. A gorgeous hand tie will cost less than a wired, intricate, trailing bouquet and can be equally as stunning.

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5.       Be flexible.

Yes, you may have your heart set on that delicate lily of the valley but if you use that in every arrangement it will completely blow your budget. Instead have a few sprigs in your bouquet only. It will make you will feel extra special, (after all you are the bride!); without feeling like you have settled for second best. Any good florist can offer alternative blooms that will work just as well.


6.       Thank you’s

This is such an easy way to save money. Instead of thank you gifts you could give away your table centres to your mum, mother-in-law and anyone else who has helped in the run up to your day. (Although I do offer beautiful, bespoke bouquets for £25 ;-))


7.       Share the costs

Are you getting married at a church? If so check to see if there is another wedding taking place on the same day. You might be able to share the cost of the flowers.


8.       Bridal party flowers.

So does that pretty little flower girl really need to carry a posy down the aisle? A beautiful, perfect single bloom will look just as sweet, and it is cheaper! Whilst you’re at it, perhaps the bridesmaids could carry a couple of stems, or wear a wrist corsage, or maybe some flowers in their hair? If budget really is an issue this is a sure fire way to save money.


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9.       Be seasonal.

Choose seasonal flowers, they are less expensive and are better quality. And if you are conscious of your carbon footprint make the most of local companies and growers.


10.   Do it yourself.

Now I’m really not trying to put myself out of a job here; but I know a lot of people who has a friend that made their invites or their cake. Why not the flowers? I’m not saying a friend should make the bridal bouquet, bridesmaid’s bouquets or buttonholes. These really should not be compromised. But if you are having a rustic theme why not put some hydrangeas in galvanised pots. Or stack a couple of teacups and pop in a perfect peony for that vintage tea party look. Of course you need to be super confident in your friend’s abilities. You really need to be happy with the final result. After all you are only doing this once and you want your friendship to survive past the cutting of the cake! Also beware! Have you ever seen a florist’s fingernails? Not a pretty sight! You have been warned! ;-)

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