Wonderful advice for your wedding day

I have been speaking to some of my colleagues in the weddings and events industry, asking them what advice they would give to their couples when planning their wedding. Some are business related but some are just wonderful snippets of advice. This is the blog definitely worth reading.

This is the final blog of the series where I have shared all the advice given. Here are the other 2 incase you missed them. https://www.petalpowerwales.co.uk/blog/wonderful-advice-for-your-wedding-day and https://www.petalpowerwales.co.uk/blog/week-2-wonderful-advice-for-your-wedding-day

Happy reading. Please, if you have a minute, let me know what you think.

This might upset some of you traditional folk out there but honestly, forget the wedding favours. When I am clearing up the morning after the wedding it is always so sad to see half the favours left behind. Skip them and allocate that budget towards other stuff people and more importantly YOU will truly enjoy. Why not put an extra bottle of wine on the table, add another dessert option, make the centrepieces a bit bigger and so on.

Image by  Hazel Hannant Photography   Flowers by me.

Image by Hazel Hannant Photography

Flowers by me.

The very clever Jo from ByJo wedding stationary has written a blog telling you all you need to know about Wedding RSVP’S, you can read that here. What is the etiquette when providing stamps with your RSVP’s? Jo says “it is a personal choice; make your decision based on budget and how likely your guests are to actually post the cards back to you.  If you are hand delivering many of your invitations or your guests are local and in regular contact with you, they may just hand the reply cards back to you too.  If you’ve included a reply card but also given another option to reply then remember that potentially some of those stamps won’t be used.”

When it comes to your flowers, spend your money wisely. Focus on using displays where people will see them, enjoy them and where the photos are being taken. If you are getting married in a church do you really need to blow your budget on ceremony flowers? Yes it would be nice to walk through a stunning floral arch as you enter the church like a princess but you will see it only for a few seconds. If you are on a tight budget a beautiful floral wreath or heart at the door would be gorgeous, also it can be easily transported to the reception. I have written a blog on money saving tips, you can read it by clicking here.

Image by  Sophie Collins Photography .  Flowers by me.

Image by Sophie Collins Photography.

Flowers by me.

If you want to preserve your bouquet in any way don't wait until after the wedding to get the plans in place. Book ahead! Time is of the essence when getting those blooms preserved.

Owen Mathias, the very talented photographer, has shared this wonderful piece of advice to help you schedule your day. “The time of year will dictate which time is best to escape with your photographer. In winter it maybe best before speeches as sunset can be between 4 and 5pm, although in summer this can be later in the evening, before or after your first dance, as sunset can be as late as 10pm.”

When deciding on your cake finalise your guest list (and size of your space) first. Lovely Claire from The Sweet Cake Kitchen has this to say. “When deciding what size cake to order, first look to your guest count. Generally, three tiers will serve 50 to 100 guests; you'll likely need five layers for 200 guests or more. If the reception is in a grand room with high ceilings, consider increasing the cake's stature to suit your setting.”

Cake by  The Sweet Cake Kitchen . Image by  Naomi LLewellyn Photography .  Flowers by me.

Professional make up artist Kirsty Rowlands shared this piece of wonderful advice regarding your look for the day. “I always think that make up for your wedding day should be a mixture of classic bridal elegance with a little bit of your own personality blended in too. It can be really easy to get carried away with current trends and trying to transform your self into what you feel is the ultimate stylish bride but you need to feel comfortable wearing the look all day and night and look back at the photo’s and think “I made the right decision in choosing to keep it classic!” Think soft tones, creamy radiant skin and each feature looking the right amount of defined, but never overdone. It should be an enhancement of your features and reflect some of your personal style. For me, that sums up the perfect bridal look”.

If you are getting married at a venue where they have to ‘flip’ the ceremony room to transform to the reception room don’t be put off. Owen from Owen Mathias Photography shares these thoughts “Venues will often require your guests to leave the main room and go to the bar or outside while the room is laid out for food. This can take 45 minutes to an hour but gives you the perfect opportunity to get sometime with your guests as well as some of the group photos. If you’re hoping to get a photo of every guest together, immediately after the ceremony is usually the best time to guarantee everyone is present.”

I hope you have enjoyed this series of blogs I have shared. I would love to know your thoughts and if you have found the advice helpful. Feel free to leave a comment.

A huge thank you to everyone that has contributed.

Owen Mathias Photography.

ByJo wedding stationery.

The Sweet Cake Kitchen.

Lloyd Jones Photography.

Kirsty Rowlands make up artist.

Amy-Louise from Hair by Amy-Lou

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